Hytera PD785

DMR VHF and UHF Handhelds - Digital/Analog/GPS

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Hytera PD785 UHF
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Hytera PD785 VHF
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Hytera PD785G UHF - With GPS
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Hytera PD785G VHF - With GPS
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The Hytera PD785 is a VHF (2 m) resp. UHF (70 cm) handheld device that supports the digital DMR standard.

The PD785 offers with its ergonomic design a high operating comfort. A large TFT display and large size buttons, arrange a error-free operation under difficult Light conditions. For quick access to different services and features over 20 keys can be programmed individually.

Even in noisy environments, the PD785 with this excellent voice quality ensures a good readability. Narrowband codec and digital error-correction technologies provide a stable signal even in poor conditions in the digital mode. Of course, you can work with this handheld radio also in normal analogue FM.

The device has the requirements of MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G standards.

The PD785G has the same features as the PD785, but is with a built-in GPS receiver. This allows your position displayed and even short text messages are transmitted.


- Analog or Digital Mode
- Individual call, group call, emergency call
- Automatic cell change (Roaming)
- Radio control over a API
- Different Menue Languages
- Scan for analog Voice
- Scan for Digital signals
- Mixed Scan for Digital and Analog
- Easy Software Update
- One Touch function
- Different Tone Calls
- Man-down


Frequency range : VHF 136-174 MHz | UHF 400-470 MHz
No. of channels : 1024
No. of zones : 64
Channel spacing Analogue : 12,5/20/25 kHz
Channel spacing Digital : 12,5 kHz
Operating Voltage : 7,4 V
Standard-Battery : 2000 mAh
Output : VHF 1 W/5 W | UHF 1 W/4 W
Dimensions : W125x H55 x D37 mm
Weight : 335 gr.

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Weight  :  1,01 kg