MFJ 9200 Series

QRP CW Tranceivers

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MFJ 9200 Series
Art. MFJ9200
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MFJ-9200 is a bold new addition to MFJ's legendary QRP transceiver line, delivering unmatched six-band CW performance in a compact pocket-sized package. QRP radios have always been small in size, but thanks to direct-digital synthesis and microprocessor technology, the MFJ-9200 represents a quantum leap over traditional designs with an unprecedented number of features for a very affordable price.

The MFJ-9200 covers 80 through 15 Meters using computer-modeled plug-in filter modules that yield no-compromise receiver performance and solid QRP+ transmit power on every band. There's also built-in iambic keying with a manual-key sensor, a programmable CQ message, and seamless QSK T/R switching. DDS frequency control delivers rock-solid stability, precise 100-Hz readout, and eight memory channels per band. Plus, you get a choice of three main-dial tuning rates and RIT with 10-Hz tuning resolution.

Other features include selectable IF-band-width for monitoring SSB or CW, a 20-dB front-end attenuator for overload protection, and a switched backlight for the LCD display. There's also plenty of receiver overlap for monitoring international short wave broadcasting.

MFJ-9200 runs on any power source between 8 and 15 VDC and draws a miserly
40 mA on receive with the display backlight turned off -- perfect for prolonged off-the-grid adventures. Best of all, the QR-Pocket Radio is the smallest and lightest backpack transceiver currently available.

MFJ also offers a wide range of QRP accessories to compliment the MFJ-9200 QRPocket CW TransceiverTM. For example, the MFJ-561 Miniature Iambic Paddle is a perfect companion when you're traveling light.

Also, consider picking up a pair of MFJ-392B light-weight stereo headphones for cushioned comfort and clear sound during those long QRP contest sessions.

For off-road adventure, check out MFJ's line of Walkabout portable antennas that plug directly into the QRPocket CW Transceiver's BNC connector. MFJ-1899T, (see left) features 80 through 6 Meter coverage with a "wander-lead" tapped loading coil and collapsible 52-inch whip.

For random wire antennas, try the popular MFJ-902B miniature travel tuner.

Finally, when operating at home with your feet up, plug in the MFJ-4103 miniature switching power supply.

The MFJ-9200 QRPocket CW Transceiver comes complete with one band module of your choosing, and modules for the other bands.

Transceiver operation is intuitive, easy-to-master, and clearly explained in an easy-to-understand manual written by popular author and QRP Hall of Fame member Rick Littlefield, K1BQT.

We all know working rare DX is exciting, but being rare DX is a truly indescribable!

Given the MFJ-9200 QRPocket CW Transceiver's diminutive size, features, wide coverage, and solid output, all of the ingredients are here to turn your next vacation or business trip into a expedition to remember!


Frequency Control : DDS, 60-MHz reference frequency
Tuning Step : 100-Hz, 1-kHz, and 100-kHz
RIT Step : 10-Hz
VFO Memories : 8 per band
VFO Display : LCD, 802-pixel, switched backlight
VFO Display Frequency Resolution : 100-Hz, 10-Hz with RIT activated
Operating Modes : Transmit - A1 (CW), Receive - A1, A3J (LSB or USB)
CW Offset : ~700 Hz
T/R Switching : Full QSK
Frequency Coverage, MHz / Band : Receive: 3.2-4.9 - Transmit: 3.5-4.0 / 80-M
 : Receive: 5.9-7.5 - Transmit: 7.0-7.3 / 40-M
 : Receive: 9.4-12.1 - Transmit: 10.1-10.15 / 30-M
 : Receive: 13.5-15.8 - Transmit: 14.0-14.35 / 20-M
 : Receive: 17.4-19.1 - Transmit: 18.068-18.168 / 17-M
 : Receive: 18.5-22.0 - Transmit: 21.0-21.45 / 15-M
Receiver MDS : 0.1-uV, all bands
AGC Threshold : 3 to 5-uV, all bands
Bandwidth : Selectable, 600-Hz CW, 2.5-Hz SSB
Audio Output : 100-mW, 8-Ohm load, stereo plug
Receiver Current Drain : ~40-mA no backlight, ~80 mA with backlight
Transmitter Keying : Iambic automatic, straight-key sensing, CQ memory
Speed Range : 3-45 WPM
Transmitter Power : 5-W or better, all bands, at 12.6 Volts
Harmonic and spur suppression : -50 dB or better, all operating voltages
Typical Transmit Current : 0.9-A at 10-V, 1.2-A at 14-V
Supply Voltage : 8-15 VDC at 1.5A
Dimensions : 4.8"x3.15"x1.34", 120x80x34-mm
Weight : 7.4 oz, 200 gm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
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