CAT- and sound card USB Interface

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The SCU-17 interface can be used for CAT control of almost all current Yaesu transceivers by computer via RS-232 or USB virtual COM port connection and also for communications using third party SSTV, RTTY, PSK and other digital modes. No free- and share ware included. No support in the software configuration.

The SCU-17 interface is equipped with two-channel USB/serial device and enables various transmission modes and CAT communication simultaneously.

The SCU-17 also acts as a USB sound card providing full accessibilty of RX and TX audio signals via USB. TX and RX audio controls on the front panel for convenient level adjustment. AF transformers in AUDIO IN/OUT lines, opto couplers for PTT/FSK provide excellent ground- and RF isolation.

Three LEDs on the front monitor the status of 'Power', 'PTT' and 'FSK'. The SCU-17 uses the USB port as the power supply.

SCU-17 interface packaging includes several cables, which simplifies the use with current Yaesu transceivers. Some models require the optional CAT cable CT-39A or CT-62(U). See manual.

Install the virtual COM port driver on the computer before using the SCU-17 USB interface unit. Drivers can be found on www.yaesu.com under 'Products', 'FT_DX1200', 'Ftiles', 'SCU-17 USB Driver (Virtual COM Port Driver)'.

Suitable for:

FT-817 / 818 / FT-857 / FT-897 / FT-991
FT-450 / FT-950 / FT-2000
FT-DX1200 / FT-DX3000 / FT-DX5000 / FT-DX9000

Check appended manual for connection of the interface to transceivers above.

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