Desktop condensor microphone 8-pin round/RJ-45

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The new Yaesu M-70 condensor desktop microphone is the successor of the good-old dynamic MD-100A8X.

The M-70 utilizes a directional condenser microphone element which is specially tuned the frequency response to create clear and crisp audio for radio communication. Built-in Low-Cut filter allows to shape the low frequency response (cut off at 340Hz, -6dB/octave). An isolation transformer is integrated in the circuit board to enhance the audio quality.

The PTT uses three Air-Cylinder tubes similar to the Reference Microphone M-1 to provide a solid and smooth extended operation. A simple one-touch PTT keylock button is placed just above the PTT key for those long rag chews. ON/ OFF is selectable by a sliding switch located on the bottom of the microphone

The M-70 is compatible with all YAESU HF transceivers equipped with round 8-pin microphone connector or 8-pin modular microphone connector. The RJ45 and 8P sockets in the base of the MD-70 are internally bridged 1:1. The supplied microphone cable has RJ45 on one side and an 8-pin round plug on the other. You can therefore use the cable for devices with RJ45 as well as for devices with an 8-pin round microphone plug. Simply reverse the cable.


Generating Element : Condensor type
Supply voltage : DC5.0 V ±10 %
Frequency Response : 30 - 17000 Hz
Sensitivity : - 60 dB (1kHz 0 dB=1V/1Pa)
Impedance : 600 Ohms
Dimensions : W106 x H170 x D126,5 mm
Weight : 450 g (without cable)

Buttons : PTT, PTT-Lock, On/Off switch on the microphone
Filter : Low-Cut Off (-6 dB/octave at 340 Hz)
Connector : 8-pole round. Also to be used for RJ 45/modular radio's

The Yaesu M-70 is suitable for use with a.o.:

  • FT-DX101 series, FT-DX10
  • FT-DX9000 series, FT-DX5000 series
  • FT-DX3000D, FT-DX1200
  • FT-991(A), FT-891
  • FT-450(D), FT-857(D), FT-818ND, FT-817(ND)
  • FT-2000(D), FT-1000MP, FT-1000MP MARK-V
  • FT-950, FT-920, FT-900, FT-897(D), FT-847

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L26 x B17 x H15 cm
Weight  :  1,20 kg