Desktop Rapid Charger

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The BC-160 charger has been designed to work with the latest range of Icom Li-ion battery packs, the BP-230, BP-231 and BP-232. As the capacity of Li-ion battery packs has gradually increased, a single charge cycle with a trickle charger now takes too long for most users. Therefore the BC-160 has been developed to satisfy the growing exacting needs of commercial organisations.

With a rugged construction and competitive price this new charger will be supplied with our latest range of commercial radios, the IC-F34G/F44G series.

Please note 1: The BC-160 is a dedicated Li-ion charger and only charges the BP-230, BP-231 and BP-232 battery packs.

Please note 2: The BC-119N or BC-121N can also charge the BP-230 series if the AD-106 charger adaptor is used.


- Dedicated Li-ion PMR single, desktop, rapid charger.
- Rapidly charges the battery packs BP-230, BP-231 and BP-232
- 3-color LED indicates charging status.
- LED Colour Charge Status: Orange Charging | Green Charging completed | Red Indicates a problem
- Protection circuitry with CPU control built-in
- Detects battery discharge when the battery pack is left in the charger for a period of time after full charge
- Automatically starts charging again in such a case

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