With audio speech processor

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The Intek M-799 has an Electronic Speech Processor Key (ESP), which works as a modulation compressor in transmit mode and as a modulation expander in receive mode. The ESP allows to obtain a stronger, clear and clean audio signal and it is a great help in noisy areas and in case of weak signals or in long distance communication.


Mode : FM/AM *
Channels : 40/40 *
Frequency range : 25.610-31.570 MHz (max. 400 channels after modification)
Output power : 4 W
DC input voltage : 12 VDC
Current drain : Stand-by 250 mA | TX 1,1 A
Audio output power max. : 2,5 W @ 8 Ohm
Dimensions : W 140 x D 190 x H 37 mm
Weight : 850 gram

* In menu switchable to operating mode and number of channels allowed for the respective European countries.

- Lighted, multi-functional LCD display | Color: blue
- Digital S-/RF-meter
- Scanning function
- Squelch control manual adjustment/fixed setting (AS)
- Attenuator
- Roger Beep
- ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter)
- Dual Watch (DW)
- Channel choice by means of knob front side or up/down/lock on the dynamic microphone
- External speaker jack on rear panel (for 3,5 mm jackplug)

Is supplied including dynamic microphone (6-pin) with up/down/lock, mobile bracket and DC power cord/fuse.

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Weight  :  1,60 kg