PlastiDip Spray Satinizer

PlastiDip Satinizer with fade buster gives your Plasti Dipped items a semi-gloss, satin finish with UV protection.

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PlastiDip Spray Satinizer
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PlastiDip Satinizer is the latest addition to the line PlastiDip Enhancers.

Plasti Dip Satinizer is specially designed to make already outstanding Plasti Dip even better. These Enhancers are easy to use and will give any Plasti Dipped item a unique look.

Plasti Dip, whether in our original dip-on/brush-on formula or our aerosol variety, dries to a matte finish. Plasti Dip Satinizer with fade buster, gives your Plasti Dipped items a semi-gloss, satin finish with UV protection. Plasti Dip Satinizer is ideal for automotive, crafts, and many more uses.

PlastiDip Satinizer is available in 325 ml aerosol can. They apply quickly and easily—shake them up and spray them on, just like our spray-on Plasti Dip. Using PlastiDip Enhancers couldn't be easier; the results couldn't be better. Coverage approx. 0,5-1 m2 per can.

PlastiDip Enhancers are formulated to bond with the unique chemical structure of cured PlastiDip for superior adhesion and long life. PlastiDip Enhancers are not recommended for use on any other surface.

Using Plasti Dip Spray in cooler temperatures may affect drying times, finish quality, and spray performance. If you plan on spraying your project in cooler conditions, we recommend pre-warming the aerosol can by placing it in a warm room and allowing the contents to reach room temperature. Additionally, cooler conditions may affect the surface you are spraying. If you are concerned about spraying your project in cooler temperatures, test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure the resulting finish will be what you’re looking for.

See product labels for further information.


Suitability for application, and performances of finished goods coated with PlastiDip, is the sole responsibility of the customer and end user. Product and item design, pre-treatment, coating conditions, quality assurance and conditions of product end use, are among the factors that affect performance of the coated products, and are outside the control of ClassicInternational. Classic International expressly denies specific or implied warrantees, including warrantees for fitness for a particular use or purpose.

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