Heil Sound HM-10XD

Dual element HC-4X/HC-5X
communicatiion microphone

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Heil Sound HM-10XD
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The popular HM-10 has been redesigned with the new HC-5X (wide) and HC-4X (narrow) elements mounted on an acoustically chamber to
reproduce the popular narrow HC-4 response for DX work and wide smooth response of the HC-5 elements. This allows users to operate a full range mic for every day
rag chew and instantly switch to a narrow punchy DX element for DX or just punch through pileups. One mic that covers all needs in communications.

The new HC-5X (wide) is ideal for every day, articulate speech audio anywhere you need, full range audio. A +6 dB rise at 2500 Hz, the frequency right in the middle of
the human voice pattern, brings great articulation to your signal.The low end rolls off at 300 Hz. The -3 dB point of the HC-5X is set at 300 Hz to 8 kHz with the tuned
peak + 6 dB at 2500 Hz.

The Heil HC-4X (narrow) element has been designed for serious DXers. It places a + 10 dB rise at 2500 Hz, which is right in the middle of the human speach range.The
result is not a pretty sound, but it cuts through. The low end rolls off at 600 Hz. The -3 dB point of the HC-4X is set at 600 Hz to 6 kHz with the tuned peak being + 10
dB at 2500 Hz.

The HM-10XD microphone has been designed for speaking no futher than 5cm from the mic. The windscreen provided will cut down on breath blasts caused by the
close range, but will not alter the audio.

The HM-10 XD includes the Heil Sound "Light Touch" PTT switch, as well as a Wide/Narrow switch for selection of the desired microphone element and comes equipped
with a microphone clip and a foam windscreen.

The HM-10 XD is a dynamic microphone designed for clean, clear, articulate audio for Amateur Radio communications circuits and is ideal for hand-held use, for
mounting on a boom, or mounting on a desk stand..

The HM-10 XD is fitted with a 4-pin XLR connector, and requires a CC-1 Series adapter cable for interconnection to your transceiver. The optional SM-1 Shock Mount is a
popular accessory for the HM-10 XD, as it suppresses vibrations that can be picked up from accessories like amplifier or computer fans, etc.

To achieve optimal tailored response for the HM-10XD you will need to increase your mic gain 3-4 dB over a standard dynamic element.

Adapter cables

The CC-1 adapter cables (connection between microphone and radio) are not included; these have to be ordered separately. To find out which CC-1 adapter will work
with your radio please consult HeilSound Adapter Selector.


Generating Elements : Dynamic
Frequency Response HC-5X : 300 Hz - 8 kHz
Frequency Response HC-4X : 600 Hz - 6 kHz
Polar Pattern : Cardioid
Impedance : 600 Ohms
Output Level HC-5X : -72 dB at 1 kHz
Output Level HC-4X : -76 dB at 1 kHz
Weight : 250 grams

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
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