Automatic RF sense SDR T/R Antenna Switch

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The MFJ 1708B SDR - the extended version of the MFJ-1708- is an RF sense and PTT controlled transmit/receive antenna switch with 4 relays that switche the antenna safely, simultaneously short the input of the separate SDR receiver, mutes the audio of the SDR receiver and has an isolation of over than 65 dB at 50 MHz at the transmit port.

Receiver input protection prevents overload from nearby high power signals and from receive to transmit. A hybrid splitter on SDR models reduces loading effect and gives >15 dB isolation between SDR REC and XCVR ports.

The MFJ-1708SDR automatic RF Sense T/R Switch senses transmitted RF and switches the antenna also to or not the SDR socket using just one a relay. Shorts the SDR antenna input to ground to protect your SDR receiver.

Want to use your SDR as a panadapter while you're operating your transceiver? The MFJ-1708SDR lets you do that by connecting the SDR dongle to the SDR socket while your transceiver is receiving, and then grounding your SDR socket while transmitting.

Provides an auxiliary contact closure to ground during receive for muting speaker. Instead of using RF sense to switch the Antenna, a control line input lets yourr PTT line switch the Antenna. Adjustable time delay circuit gives you delayed switching. All modes up to 200 Watts SSB.

The MFJ 1708B is available in two versions:
MFJ 1708B SDR : 3x SO 239 (PL-female)
MFJ 1708B SDRS : 1x SMA-female + 2x SO 239 (PL-female)

Connect a 12VDC power source (not included). DC cable and PTT RCA/RCA jumper cable are included.

Technical Data

Power : max. 200 W SSB
Connector : MFJ 1708B SDR = 3 x SO 239 (PL-female)
 : MFJ 1708B SDRS = 1x SMA-female + 2x SO 239 (PL-female)

Dimensions : L100 x B75 x H50 mm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L20 x B14 x H9 cm
Weight  :  0,40 kg