Magnetic Loop Antenna 7-21 MHz

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INAC AH-521 | LAC1
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INAC AH-521 | LAC2
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The INAC AH-521, is a compact magnetic loop antenna of small size but with high performance for portable and for home use. The tuning range covers the most popular amateur bands 40, 30, 20, 17, 15 and 12m. The lowest tunable frequency will even be 5.6 MHz and will allow broadcast reception in the 49m band. Depending on the frequency, gain will vary between -0.3 to -6.8dB. Depending transmitfrequency the loop handels 100-160 W RF output power. The small compact loop antenna in resonance performs equally as well as a half wave dipole or vertical.

By the use of stepper motor technology in the loop, the supplied controller LAC-1 allows extremely fast and easy tuning of the antenna. It only takes 3 seconds to tune the loop from the lowest to the highest frequency with 5 kHz fine tuning accuracy. Any change in the position of the tuningpot on the controller will be immediately taken over (real time) by the loop motor which operates the tuning capacitor.

The controller supplied has pulse generator integrated. The antenna can be tuned without transmitter and SWR/power meter and is therefore very suitable for shortwave listeners as well. Only when pressing the red PUSH button on the controller the stepper motor and the pulse generator will be activated.No power consumption in receive mode.

Available controllers are LAC-1 and LAC-2. LAC-1 is the standard version; the luxury LAC-2 has only one tuning dial, which is provided with a vernier reduction ball drive, which drives the potentiometer that adjusts the pulse-shaped control signal. As an additional tool the LAC-2 has a clear scale display indicating the position of the tuning cap in degrees.

In addition to the modest dimensions, the limited bandwidth of the loop adds a filter function for transmitter and receiver. When positioned vertically the antenna has directivity.

All INAC loop antennas are supplied in color white. To adjust the color to its environment please use our PlastiDip liquid rubber. One spray can is sufficient for complete coverage. The adhesion is static. The coating can also be easily removed.


Frequency range : 5.600-21.900 MHz
Gain : 1,87 dBi, depending on frequency
Bandwidth : 24 - 130 kHz, depending on frequency
Max. power : 100-160 W PEP, depending on frequency
Dimensions loop : 79 x 63 cm
Connector : SO 239
Controller : LAC-1 resp. LAC-2 included
Supply Voltage : 13,8 VDC / 1,5 A
Mast Size Range : ø 40 mm stub mast 32 cm long is included *)
Control cable : 3 wire control cable; 5 m long with connectors included **)
Wind resistance : 120 km/h (depending mounting height)
Weight : 5 kg

*) Universal mounting clamp (stainless) steel is optional
**) Adapter cable to extend control cable is included

See also: AH 1430 (14-28 MHz), AH-1430H (14-28 MHz), AH-376 (3.5-7 MHz) and AX-314 (3,4-14,9 MHz)

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L89 x B18 x H89 cm
Weight  :  8,00 kg