Do I have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT)?

IMPORTANT!   Changes in VAT rates for shipments to consumers in EU-countries as per 1st July 2021

You are a consumer in one of the EU-countries?
In accordance with the new VAT EU rules as per 1st July 2021, we have to charge VAT rate applicable in the destination country for deliveries to consumers (B2C) in EU countries. This ensures that VAT is paid in the country where the consumption of goods and services takes place. Because the VAT rate can be different in EU countries, this means that  retail prices incl. VAT may differ for the various EU countries.

As soon as the website recognizes the visitor's country, retail prices incl. VAT applicable will appear. Default is 21% VAT for The Netherlands.
  • You are a visitor and do not yet have an online account with us.
    Click the globe at the top right of the website and choose the language and/or flag of your country, so that the prices are shown including the VAT applicable to you.

  • You have an online account with us and have set your password.
    First log in during your visit, so that the prices are shown including the VAT applicable to you.

  • You have neither chosen your country's flag nor logged in
    After you have entered your personal details during the online ordering process, the prices in the shopping cart will be updated if applicable.
EU-countries are : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and  Sweden.

You have a company in one of the EU-countries?
Shipments to companies inside EU-countries (except for The Netherlands and Germany), VAT will be deducted. Before initial ordering online you have to register as a new customer on our website with a valid VAT-ID-Number. This number has to match name and (shipping) address as registered at the Tax Authorities in your country. After one time manual check (during office hours), the VAT percentage will be corrected to 0% on your account in our system. After login on our site, from that moment on all prices are shown excluding VAT and items will also be charged accordingly.

Only after (manual) check the VAT percentage will be changed to 0% in our system. Only mentioning VAT-ID-number during online ordering is not sufficient; the VAT amount will still be shown and charged for on the cart.

If VAT amount charged and paid for online has to be corrected afterwards, we will charge Euro 25,00 administration fee. This fee will be deducted from the VAT amount to be refunded.

Consumers/companies outside EU-countries
Only for shipments to consumers/companies outside EU-countries VAT will be deducted. These customers pay Import Duties/VAT at Customs in country of destination.