Digital Rotator Controllers for Yaesu azimuth rotators

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The Hygain YRC-1X and Hygain YRC-3X Digital Control Units feature a large bright blue LCD display indicating the beam heading, manual and computer controlled beam heading selection and manual rotation controls. The YRC-3X is identical to YRC-1X, but adds six programmable memories. Settings in memory include brake delay, rotator coast control, North and South center headings, adjustable sleep time and call sign display. The YRC-1X and YRC-3X are designed as a replacement controller for both AC and DC Yaesu rotators and will work with the following rotator models: G-450C, G-650C, G-1000DXC and G-2800DXC.

The Hygain YRC-1X and YRC-3X Digital Rotator Controller for AC and DC powered Yaesu rotators, include a RS-232 COM Port and USB interface for computer control. Great for remote control of your antennas on your remote station. Extra heavy-duty AC power supply. AC/DC model type selectable. Exclusive 180 degree AutoReversal for fast longpath operation.


- Plug-compatible control box for Yaesu rotators G-450, G-650, G-800*, G-1000* and G-2800*
- Supply voltage 240 VAC (YRC-..X version). Extra heavy duty power supply integrated.
- Graphic LCD screen with large bright blue numbers and letters
- Easy-on-the-eye blue background blends with modern station
- Computer controlled operation via the USB or RS-232 COM port
- Preset and go-to button and reciprocal heading knob for quick changes
- 6 programmable memories (only YRC-3X)
- Field upgradeable firmware via the RS-232 COM Port
- Variable DC motor speed
- Coast Delay 0-10 seconds (sets the heading that will turn off the motor before it reaches the heading)
- Sleep Delay 1-255 minutes or continuous
- Rugged steel enclosure for maximum RF shielding
- Weight 2,84 kgs
- Dimensions H 85,7 x W 133,4 x D 104,8 mm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
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