Elevation Rotator
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The Yaesu G-550 elevation rotator has been developed for smaller antenna installations and is prepared for PC-


Rotation torque : 1400 kgf/cm
Brake torque : 4000 kgf/cm
Max. windload : 1 m2
Mast/boom diameter : 38-62 mm mast | 32-40 mm boom
Max. vert. weight : 30 kg
Rotation speed 180° : 80 sec/50 Hz
Weight : 3,6 kg
Connectors : included
Control cable : 6-wire cable (not included)

At great length of control cable voltage drop will occur and the motor becomes less powerful or will not start up at all. The gauge of the 7 wire cable to connect the control unit to the rotator depends upon the distance between the rotator and control unit. The longer the distance, the larger the diameter of the wire required.

To prevent interference in the control / display, control cable of rotors with preset / speed control circuitry from acting together with coaxial cable you should separate control cable at a distance of 20 cm when transmitting power is over 500 W.

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Weight  :  8,00 kg