MFJ 1965/ATM 65

Telescopic, aluminium
mast | L = approx. 20 m

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MFJ 1965/ATM 65
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The MFJ 1965 is an 11-section multi-purpose aluminum telescopic pole that can be used for vertical antennas or as a mast. Length is 64 feet when fully extended. Only 6 feet long when fully collapsed without clamps. Great for portable or temporary and permanent use---traveling, camping, etc. Includes one size of each of the following slotted tubing:

0.625"OD X 0.035"Wall-th X 0.555"ID
0.750"OD X 0.058"Wall-th X 0.634"ID
0.875"OD X 0.058"Wall-th X 0.759"ID
1.000"OD X 0.058"Wall-th X 0.884"ID
1.125"OD X 0.058"Wall-th X 1.009"ID
1.250"OD X 0.058"Wall-th X 1.134"ID
1.375"OD X 0.058"Wall-th X 1.259"ID
1.500"OD X 0.058"Wall-th X 1.384"ID
1.625"OD X 0.058"Wall-th X 1.509"ID
1.750"OD X 0.058"Wall-th X 1.634"ID
2.000"OD X 0.120"Wall-th X 1.760"ID

Also includes 10 hose clamps.
Guying is required if the overall height is greater than 30ft.
Top section is 0.625" OD and bottom section is 2.00"OD. X 0.120" wall thickness.

This model is identical to the Hygain ATM-65.

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L217 x B20 x H15 cm
Weight  :  11,00 kg