PlastiDip Primer Spray

To increase adhesion of PlastiDip

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PlastiDip Primer Spray
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PlastiDip Primer: Give Your PlastiDip A Stronger Grip

All-new PlastiDip Primer is a specially formulated product that gives aerosol PlastiDip a super strong, nearly permanent hold on metals and many plastic surfaces. Simply apply PlastiDip Primer first, let it dry, then spray on any color of PlastiDip—it's as easy as that. Once your PlastiDip is dry, it'll deliver the same great look and protective characteristics, but with a stronger, more permanent bond to the substrate surface.

PlastiDip Primer is designed to hold strong to metal and many, but not all, types of plastic. It's great for automotive, home and garden, and any other DIY project where your PlastiDip coating could use a sturdier grip.

PlastiDip Primer is available in convenient 11-oz. aerosol cans. Shake it up and spray it on, just like our aerosol Plasti Dip. You'll find it at the same retail locations where you buy our other great Performix Brand products. Plasti Dip Primer is a fast and easy way to make Plasti Dip more permanent.

Color: clear.
Content: 325 ml

PlastiDip® Primer is not recommended for use as a protective coating on its own.

Suitability for application, and performances of finished goods coated with PlastiDip Primer, is the sole responsibility of the customer and end user. Product and item design, pre-treatment, coating conditions, quality assurance and conditions of product end use, are among the factors that affect performance of the coated products, and are outside the control of ClassicInternational. Classic International expressly denies specific or implied warrantees, including warrantees for fitness for a particular use or purpose.

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