VHF Marine Antenna
156-162 MHz | excl. mount

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The Pacific P6101 VHF Fibreglass marine aerial is a superb performer. An ideal choice for motor boats 4-6 m long, where a 2.5 m antenna would look oversized.

This Pacific P6101 belongs to the Pro Series Antennas, which are a breakthrough: The only marine antenna in the world which can be removed and remounted on the boat at the user's convenience. The cable is hardwired to the Pro Series mount, so the antenna can be removed without pulling or cutting the cable.

This antenna is an excellent choice for new installations on small to medium sized boats. Robust, reliable and good looking, they will provide outstanding performance for years.


- Unique Pro Series design allows the antenna to be removed and remounted at the owner’s convenience
- Outstanding electrical performance
- Half-wave design produces a radiation pattern which is especially suitable for small boats
- UltraGlass stands up to high UV and harsh marine environments for years


Frequency : VHF 156-162 MHz
Radome : UltraGlass *
Ferrule : Nylon
Antenna Type : Half wave
Gain : 3 dBi
"Marine Gain" : 6 dB
Max. power : 50 W
Impedance : 50 Ohm
DC Meter Reading : Open Circuit
Length : 1.8 m
Weight : 290 g

* Explanation from Pacific about their fibreglass used

The fibreglass radome is a crucial component of an antenna. It keeps the electrical circuit of the antenna in an upright position, allowing it to operate correctly, and protects it from water and UV damage. While fibreglass radomes all perform the same function, not all fibreglass is created equal.

The photo compares the Pacific “Ultraglass” fibreglass to the fibreglass used on a prominent competitor’s range.

Notice the big difference in the thickness of the fibreglass, as well as the quality of the finish. Other manufacturers use a clumsy tuning system whereby the loading coil of the antenna protrudes outside the fibreglass blank and is covered by heatshrink which goes brittle and breaks down under UV exposure. Pacific’s Ultraglass fibreglass is a true marine grade fibreglass, finished with a two-pot polyurethane coating which provides unparalleled UV protection and keeps the antenna looking good for years.

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