MFJ 1661

"Screwdriver" Antenna
7 MHz-144 MHz tunable

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MFJ 1661
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MFJ's new manually tuned screwdriver antenna lets you operate all bands between 40 and 2 meters, including all WARC bands. An extra long 3 meter telescoping whip for fixed opration lets you really get out as a base station. The 1,4 meter long stainless-steel telescopic whip is included for mobile operation.

Continuously adjustable loading coil. A tuning sleeve of "Beryllium finger-stock" electrically removes turns to eliminate detrimental self-resonance effects. A separate movable sleeve adjusts frequency. A nylon-tipped thumb-screw locks sleeve after tuning for best SWR. Wing nut lets you connect a matching capacitor or inductor for 1:1 SWR

Base loaded antenna for minimum wind load and stress.


Length screwdriver : 30,5 cm
Frequency range/whip 1,4 m. : 6 - 20 m.
Frequency range/whip 3,0 m. : 2 - 40 m. (only for portable/base use)
Connector : 3/8 x 24 male
Max. power : 200 W PEP
Weight : 0,4 kg

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