HF mobile resonator
60 m. band | Narrow band

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Hustler ...... The strong HF mobile antennas from Texas, U.S.A. !

The Hustler antenna is a so-called center-loaded antenna. With the "center-loaded" antenna, the inductance is located in the center of the radiator. A basic Hustler system consists of a base, mast and resonator (s). A separate resonator is available for each amateur band. All resonators comprise loading coil and tuneable whip. The whip section is telescopic. Bottom fitting is 3/8" female thread. This allows you to tailor the mobile system to your needs.

Hustler HF mobile antennas are also ideal as a compromise antenna for apartment dwellers, among others. Sufficient (metal) countercapacity must be available, such as a balcony (railing).


Band : 60 m.
Band width : 40-50 kHz
Length resonator : 47 cm
Length whip : 102 cm
Total length tuned: approx. 149 cm
Total length with mast : MO-1, 2 or 3 - approx. 286 cm | With MO-4 - approx. 202 cm
Max. power : 400 W PEP

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