MFJ 23

Butterfly Loop Tuning Capacitor 18-136 pF

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MFJ 23
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The MFJ-23 is a low loss Butterfly Loop Tuning Capacitor. The capacitance is variable from 18-136 pF.

This low loss butterfly loop tuning capacitor has a voltage rating of 4200 Volts rms. Built-in insulator feet give 1-inch of space under the bottom of the capacitor allowing convenient mounting and high voltage insulation. Solder lugs are provided on the stators and rotor for easy wiring.

Longer than the MFJ-19, this butterfly capacitor measures 10 inches in length, 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Included is a 2 inch long diameter insulated nylon shaft so a knob can be easily added to aid in turning the capacitor rotor.


Type : Variabele Loop Tuning Capacitor
Version : Butterfly
Capacitance : 18 - 136 pF
Nominal RF Voltage : 4200 Volt RMS
Rotor shaft : length increased with 7 cm nylon shaft, ø 6,5 mm
Dimensions : L22 x W7 x H7 cm
Mounting height : 3 cm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L46 x B10 x H10 cm
Weight  :  0,82 kg