UltraBeam UB640-VL2.3

2 Loop elements 30/40 m. | Yagi 3 el. 6-20 m.

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UltraBeam UB640-VL2.3
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The new Ultra Beam VL 2.3 is a full size 3 el. dynamic beam on 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meters and a 2 ele. beam on 30 and 40 m with folded elements. The antenna is fed by two separate 50 ohm coaxial transmission lines.

The total length of the glass fiber elements is 11 meters. The Ultra Beam VL 2-3 utilizes three Motor Units driving a Variable Reeling System sliding up and down inside a telescopic fiber glass tube acting as a full size 1/2 wave element on any frequency in the range of 7-50 MHz. An optional 50 MHz kit (not included) must be added for proper operation and best performance for receiving and transmitting on 6 meter.

The Antenna Controller equipped with a triple motor driver board and dedicated powerfull software will match the 3 ele. VL 1-3 instantly to 50 ohm coaxial transmission line. You can also select a 180° direction reversal or bi-directional mode and it will adjust in a few seconds

Motor Unit of the driven element does have an integrated efficient high power 2:1 Balun

By applying extremely strong and telescopic fiberglass tubing and the special construction of the folded elements, the antenna can withstand large wind strength.

All prefabricated control cables have multi-pin IP-68 waterproof connectors and do not require extra sealing. To be ordered separately.

Field firmware updates available at UltraBeam online download area for free.


Frequency range : 7-50 MHz (50 MHz kit is an option)
Gain : 6,1 dBd | 30-40 m.: 4,2 dBd
F/B ratio : 25-30 dB | 30-40 m.: 15 dB
Max. power : 3,5 kW PEP
Boom length : 4,5 m.
All Elements : 11 m. long
Turning radius : 6,0 m.
Boom diameter : 60 x 60 mm square
Max. wind area : 0,97 m2
Connector : SO 239
Mast diameter : 50 mm
Weight : 35 kg
Power Supply : 220VAC/24VDC included

Antenna controller and 30 m. control cable are included. Longer control cables are available on request.

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions Box 1  :  L176 x B27 x D35 cm
Dimensions Box 2  :  L90 x B50 x H12 cm
Total weight  :  55,00 kg