Windom 10/20/40 m.

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The TAGRA DDK-15 Windom is an off center fed multiband antenna. The feed point is located at about 1/3 of one end. At this point, the impedance is about 300 ohms for all bands. By using a 1:6 balun with SO239 the Windom can be fed with 50 ohm coaxial cable. TAGRA windom antennas are rated at 1 kW PEP.

All TAGRA wire antennas are made of an alloy of copper and phosphor bronze wire with a UV-resistant coating and have black plastic UV-resistant insulators at both ends.


Bands : 10/20/40 m.
Total length : 21,27 m. (14,15 m + 7,12 m)
Baseline inv. Vee : approx. 13.5 m (angle 90 °)
Top height : min. 7 m.
Balun : 1:6
Power handling : max. 1000 W SSB
Weight : 0,972 kg

When using multiband antennas, usually tuner is required.

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Dimensions  :  L26 x B23 x H11 cm
Weight  :  0,80 kg