Yagi 6 el. | 400-470 MHz

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The Sirio WY400-6N Base Station Antenna using an innovative feed system conceived and applied to have high symmetrical radiation pattem in both planes (E and H). lt is completely computer designed to get high performances and a wide bandwidth (no tuning is required). All aluminium element- and boom material is protected by anodized treatment hardware are of stainless steel or zinc plated steel, mounting bracket is of extruded aluminium for the best strength.

The N-female connector is placed in rear position for an easily access and protected by a black rubber sleeve suitable for 5-7mm coaxial feedline.


Frequency range : 400-470 MHz
No. of elements : 6
Gain : 8,9 dBd
Polarization : Can be mounted horizontally or vertically polarized
Front/Back ratio : >17 dB
Boom length : 1,13 m
Turning Radius : 1,00 m
Mounting type : Foremast
Windload : 0,078 m2
Mast diameter : ø 35-52 mm
Connector : N-female
Max. power : 150 W CW
Weight : 1,49 kg

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L120 x B43 x H9 cm
Weight  :  2,20 kg