PKW Bazooka

Wide range HF vertical
3,5-30 MHz

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PKW Bazooka
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The PKW Bazooka
Due to its size of only 1.8 m., the bazooka is ideal for hams with little space. Obviously performance of this non resonant compromise antenna is limited. The antenna is powered through a broadband matching network with SO 239 connection. In connection with the varying impedance at the feed point, for optimal loading, a wide range automatic tuner or a hand-operated Versa Tuner for the full frequency spectrum is required. For optimal radiation antenna must be grounded.

The PKW Bazooka was developed with the help of a professional antenna calculation program and meets high electrical and mechanical requirements. All aluminum tubing materials are drawn from an aluminum alloy (AlMgSi) to obtain a maximum mechanical strength. All mounting hardware is made of stainless steel.

All PKW HF antennas are standard SO 239 connector and can handle up to 2 kW PEP.

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Dimensions  :  L194 x B17 x H17 cm
Weight  :  7,00 kg