PATRONIX Scanstick/radials

Wideband scanner antenne
25-1300 MHz | Incl. radials

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PATRONIX Scanstick/radials
Art. 3017263
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This antenna is a reception aerial for scanners appropriate for many frequency bands. The aerial is water-resistant, waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor mounting.


Frequency range : 25-1300 MHz
Length : 70 cm
Connector : SO 239
Mast diameter : 26-38 mm
Material : plastic outside, black, diameter 30 mm

Indoor mounting
You can hang the aerial as high as possible in the house.

Outdoor mounting
Lead the cable through the aerial mast. Fix the cable to the aerial and place the aerial on the aerial mast. Use the bolt to fix is to the mast. Because the head falls over the aerial mast, the coaxial cable with connector will be waterproofly closed.