MFJ 936C

Loop tuner with SWR/power- and antenna currentmeter

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MFJ 936C
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The new MFJ-936C Loop Tuner is a small, versatile, high-efficiency device that turns any wire loop into a high-efficiency multi-band transmitting loop antenna system designed for 50-ohm use at 150 Watts maximum input (all modes).

Wrap a wire around a bookcase or similar and attach both ends to the MFJ 936C tuner and you have a small, highly efficient multi-band magnetic loop antenna, usable for both reception and transmission. No earth, counterpoise or radials are needed. Very suitable for small houses, use in apartments, hotels and portable.

The MFJ 936C has a handle at the top and a mounting / holder for a PVC cross to hold a diamond-shaped wire loop antenna. The ends of the wire loop are clamped under the wing nuts, which are located at the rear. See image.

The connections with wing nut are internally also connected to the ground side of the SO239 coax sockets, which are fitted in the plastic side panels. See image. A coax loop equipped with PL259 connectors can be connected to these coax connections. The shield of the coax, similar to a 10mm copper tube, then serves as a loop antenna.

In addition, a stainless steel angle bracket is included with which the tuner can be attached to a vertically positioned tube. See image.

The MFJ 936C has a built-in SWR / Power and antenna power meter to optimally tune the loop to the frequency.


Frequency range : 5.3 - 29.7 MHz
Max. power : 150 W.
Meter : SWR / power cross meter, scale 300/30 W switchable
Meter : antenna power meter
Dimensions : W 159 x D 241 x H 133 mm

Wire length versus frequency

Wire length approx. 1.25 m -> usable for 17-10 m tape
Wire length approx. 2.15 m -> usable for 20-15 m tape
Wire length approx. 4 m -> usable for 30-20 m tape
Wire length approx. 8.5 m -> usable for 60 m tape

You can tune any shape of the barrel (round, square, rectangular, etc.), however a 1/4 Lambda wire in a round shape is the most efficient.

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L34 x B32 x H20 cm
Weight  :  2,30 kg