MFJ 1788X

Magnetic Loop Antenna
7-21 MHz incl. controler

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MFJ 1788X
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MFJ 1788 Hi-Q Magnetic Loop Antenna lets you operate 7 to 21 MHz continously including WARC bands. Ideal for limited space, apartments, small lots, motor homes attics or mobile homes. Get both low angle radiation for excellent DX and high angle radiation for local contacts. Handles 150 Watts. When the resistive losses in a small lopp are kept low, a small loop will transmit nearly as well as a full size dipole.

The antenna can be used inside a wooden or non-metallic building with some reduction in performance.The loop can be mounted to provide either vertical or horizontal polarization. All mounting hardware is included. Horizontal mounting results in an omni-direction horizontally polarized pattern that has a null straight up in the air and straight below the center of the antenna.

Note: Do not expect the best results if you mount the loop horizontally if it is less than 6 m above a metal roof or other ground plane.

The loop is only 90 cm in diameter and features an indoor semi-automatic tuning unit with a bult-in cross needle wattmeter. All tuning and control voltages are coupled to the antenna through the coaxial feedline. A one wire installation. The loop antenna element is constructed from thick walled aluminum pipe and tuned with a low resistance, high current, specially constructed butterfly capacitor.

The MFJ-1788 control head contains a cross needle SWR/Watt meter that reads forward and reflected power on high (300 Watt) and low (30 Watt) power scales. The control head supplies control voltages to the loop through the coaxial feedline. The control head requires a 9-15 VDC UNGROUNDED power supply. Use the AC adapter supplied with the unit *)


Diameter loop : approx. 90 cm
Frequency range : 7-21 MHz; continuous
Bandwidth : 8-50 kHz
Max. power : 150 W PEP
Mounting : Can be mounted vertically oder horizontally
Mounting hardware : Included
Remote controller : Included, with SWR/power meter built-in
Power supply : AC/DC adapter included

*) Warning!
Use only the power supply included with the MFJ-1786X/MFJ-1788X magnetic loop antenna. For the L/R rotation of the loop motor polarity of the DC supply voltage, also transported over the coax feedline, will be inverted. Never use a power supply that is grounded or connected to your rig. Severe damage of the control unit will result.

You can also operate the controller with 8 AA batteries. Insert AA batteries into the two battery holders of the control unit. These are located on the bottom plate in the control unit. If the power is supplied by batteries, the above warning does not apply.

Whether the power is supplied with included adapter or with batteries, in both cases, the 12 volt voltage is applied to the coaxial cable. Irrespective of the polarity, however, short-circuiting the antenna socket or the end of the coaxial cable will still cause damage.

Such damage is not covered by the warranty

Remark: Due to shipping volume this antenna cannot be shipped by GLS Parcel Service. Best alternative is FedEx Economy. Shipping costs depend on destination. Quotation on request.

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L96 x B17 x H94 cm
Weight  :  10,00 kg