Magnetic Loop Antenna 7,0-21,5 MHz in suitcase

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"The INAC MAK-721-Pro Magnetic Loop Antenna 7.000-21.500 MHz in suitcase.

See also the online demo video!

The new MAK-721-Pro is a magnetic loop antenna, which is integrated in a suitcase. Only the tuning capacitor takes some space. In the remaining free space, a small transceiver, power supply, accessories and any SOTA equipment can be added. On a flight, the suitcase can easily be taken as hand luggage. On arrival in just a few minutes you are "on the air" .

The performance is comparable with loop antennas of the same size.

This "Suitcase Loop Antenna" is ideal for use during stay in hotel, on the beach or in the mountains (SOTA).


Frequency range : 7.00-21.500 MHz continuous
Gain : -0.30 to -5.7 dBi, depending on the band
Bandwidth : 24 - 130 kHz
Max. power : 100-160 W PEP
Dimensions of suitcase : L48 x W38 x H17.8 cm
Internal free space : L30 x W27,5 x H10 cm (817,857,891,897,991,718,7300,TS50)
Connector : SO 239
Weight : 5 kg

ATTENTION: The illustrated transceiver and power supply are not included!

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L53 x B42 x H19 cm
Weight  :  5,20 kg