Beam 4 el. | 10/15/20 m.

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The Hy-Gain Explorer 14 is a very unique 4-element, three band beam antenna designed for broadband, high performance, high efficiency operation on the Amateur 10, 15, and 20 meter bands. The boom length of 14 feet 11/2 inches (4.17 m) and a longest element of 31 feet 6 inches (9.6 m) combine for a modest 17 foot 3 inch turning radius, small enough for most city lots. Broadbanding is accomplished through the use of a monoband reflector on 10 meters, a duoband reflector on 15 and 20 meters and a very unique driven element system called the Para-Sleeve.

The Explorer 14 utilizes a new concept in driven element design, called the Para-Sleeve System (Patent No. 4,604,628). Basically, the design consists of on *open-sleeve dipole that has been optimized for maximum bandwidth and directivity within a Yagi-Uda configuration of parasitic elements. The open-sleeve dipole has evolved from the coaxial sleeve dipole; however, it is much easier to tune and exhibits less wind loading. The ParaSleeve System consist of a trapped driven element for 15 and 20 meters, electrically connected to the balun and Beta-Match; and a set of two parallel sleeve element for 10 meters.


Bands : 14/21/28 MHz
Elements : 4
Gain : 5,95 dBd
F/B ratio : 25 dB
Boomlength : 4,27 m.
Reflectorlength : 9,60 m.
Turning Radius : 5,26 m.
Windload : 0,7 m2
Mast Diameter : 49 - 64 mm
Balun : Hygain BN-86 included
Max. Power : 1,5 kW PEP
Weight : 20,4 kg

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions Box 1  :  L218 x B14 x H16 cm - 12 kg
Dimensions Box 2  :  L218 x B14 x H16 cm - 11,4 kg
Total weight  :  24,20 kg