2 m. Vertical - Ringo Ranger

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The original W1BX Ringo the Cushcraft AR-2 Ringo Ranger 1/2 wave VHF vertical is a compact size, wide bandwidth, low radiation angle and economical antenna. Since radials are not needed, you can even use the Ringo indoors. Ringos have built-in lightning protection.

Cushcraft Ringo Ranger II vertical antennas offer more gain, less windload, and more mechanical integrity than other antennas. They feature two 5/8 wave radiating elements and an adjustable 1/8 wave phasing stub. The result is a lower angle of radiation over your coverage area.


Frequency range : 135-160 MHz (Air, 2m AMA, Marine)
No. elements : 1
Gain : 3,75 dBd
Radiation Angle : 16°
Horizontal Radiation : 360°
Ring Diameter : 12,7 cm
Height : 1,20 m
Mounting : slide over
Mast Size Range : 25-31 mm
Connector : SO 239
Max. power : 1000 W PEP
Wind load : 0,02 m²
Weight : 0,68 kg

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L95 x B14 x H6 cm
Weight  :  1,36 kg