Beam 4 el.
10/15/20 m.

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The Cushcraft A4S is the true, high performance tribander. Precisely tuned high-power traps, carefully selected element lengths, and proper spacing combine to make the A4S the preferred antenna for your contest work. High gain, low SWR, and wide bandwidth keep the contacts coming in. All U-bolts, clamps and hardware are stainless steel. The A4S has pinned boom sections and formed aluminum brackets to keep elements straight under all conditions.

To improve forwad gain and the front / back ratio on 10 m, an additional full-size reflector with the appropriate spacing for 10m is added.

Add a 30 or 40 meter kit, to make your antenna even more versatile. With Cushcraft A103 / A743 / A744 add-on kits bands will come alive by adding one of these kits to the dipole of your A3S or A4S. The kits include high power traps with heavy fiberglass insulator and all hardware.


Frequency range : 14/21/28 MHz
Number of elements : 4
Forward Gain : 8,9 dBd
Front-To-Back Ratio : 25 dB
Boom length : 5,48 m
Longest Element : 9,75 m
Turning Radius : 5,49 m
Wind load : 0,51 m²
Accepts mast : 38 - 51 mm
Feed point : open, balun optional
Power rating : 2 kW PEP
Weight : 16,8 kg

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L217 x B19 x H15 cm
Weight  :  18,20 kg