ANjo YA130014E

23 cm Yagi Antenne - 14 El. Rear Mount

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ANjo YA130014E
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The ANjo YA130014E is a gain optimized 14 elements wide space 23 cm. formast Yagi antenna with folded dipole and broadband 50 Ohm impedance; see SWR diagram.

ANjo antennas with measurable quality and precision (± 0,02mm!) are gain optimized yagi and log-periodic antennas in the frequency range 50 MHz to 3000 MHz, developed and produced in Germany.

The demanding VHF / UHF / SHF radio amateur can choose from a range of gain optimized, high quality Yagi antennas for Tropo, MS, EME and other modes. Circularly polarized satellite antennas, both as omnidirectional and directional antennas. Partially switchable LHCP or RHCP. Multiple stacked quadruple antennas with large horizontal aperture and optimal side lobe suppression and very small vertical aperture at the same time.


Frequency range : 1240-1300 MHz
Number of elements : 14 with square reflector for improved F/B
Gain : 15.8 dBi
Front / rear ratio : 23 dB
Aperture : E=28,7° / H=30,3°
Boom length : 1.0 m
Wind load : 53N bij 120km/h, 93N bij 160km/h
Mast diameter : ø 50 mm
Connection : N-connector female (incl. Coax balun)
Max. power : 400W CW; 750W PEP
Material : boom and elements of aluminum; mast clamp and connecting parts made of galvanized steel.
Weight : 0,82 kg

Stacking distance for horizontal polarization : H = 386 cm V = 360cm
Stacking distance for vertical polarization : H = 360 cm V = 386 cm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L104 x B15 x H15 cm
Weight  :  1,20 kg