Luxury Remote Controller Loop Antenna

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The INAC LAC-2 is a remote loop controller, which can be ordered as an option with the INAC loop antennas.

As known, the SWR window of a magnetic loop is small. Unlike other brands INAC has opted for real-time tuning making use of servo motor technology.

How does it work?

In the servo a reference signal is generated. The servo constantly compares the generated control signal from the LAC-2 with the servo reference signal. Once there is a difference, the controller instantly runs the motor clockwise or counterclockwise, activating the servo potmeter, which adjusts the reference signal. As soon as the difference signal is zero, the servo motor stops. This is a proportional control, i.e., the position of the servo motor follows the position of the control potentiometer of the LAC-2. As a result, the tuning capacitor in the loop can be infinitely controlled. Some very little response time may occur.

The LAC-2 has only one tuning dial, which is provided with a vernier reduction ball drive, which drives the potentiometer that adjusts the pulse-shaped control signal. As an additional tool the LAC-2 has a clear scale display indicating the position of the tuning cap in degrees. See illustration.

The LAC-2 is 1: 1 interchangeable with the default LAC-1.

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Dimensions  :  L22 x B17 x H5 cm
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