SHF EL. MVV 144/2

Masthead preamp 2 m band
for 2 antennas switchable

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SHF EL. MVV 144/2
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The MVV 144/2 masthead preamp supports two antenna connectors, which can be switched with an additional signal voltage. This enables the use of the preamp for example with a horizontal yagi and a vertical omni directional antenna. For switching an additional switching signal is required, which is connected to a 4-pin connector on the preamp. The required connector is included. The same connector could also carry the supply voltage, alternatively the supply can be done over coaxial cable.

Without a power supply all SHF pre-amps (MVV-xxx models) automatically switch to 'pass-through'. This prevents any damages to the amp when the power fails.

The preamp shoud be located as close to the antenna as possible to keep the cable losses as low as possible.


Frequency range : 144-146 MHz
Noise figure : 0,6 - 0,9 dB
Gain : 10-20 dB adjustable inside
Max. power VOX : 350 W (SSB) / 200 W (FM)
Max. power w/sequencer : 750 W (SSB) / 250 W (FM)
Insertion loss : 0,3 dB
Operating voltage : 13,5 V
Current consumption : 50 mA
Voltage feed : separate feed line (4 pol. connector included) or via coax
Connectors : N-type female; 2 selectable antenna inputs
Max. mast diameter : 56 mm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L15 x B15 x H15 cm
Weight  :  1,00 kg