MFJ 918

1:1 Current Balun / Center Insulator

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MFJ 918
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The MFJ-918 1:1 Current Balun is made up of 50 hi-permeability ferrite beads on high-quality RG-303 teflon coax in heavy duty weather protected PVC housing. Handles 1.5 kW, 1.8 - 30 MHz. Very suitable for wire dipoles.


Balun : 1:1 , Current type
Frequency : 1,8-30 MHz
Socket : SO 239
Max. Power : 1,5 kW PEP
Dimensions : H 127 x B 50 mm

Please note! The specified max. transmit power applies to a SWR of 1:1 measured directly at the antenna feedpoint. If the maximum permissible transmission power is exceeded for a long time, the ferrite material becomes saturated and the balun will be damaged.

Do not use the current balun when the SWR measured at the antenna is over 3:1. In case of high SWR, high RF voltages occur at the feedpoint and the power output must be reduced to prevent balun breakdown.

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