Programming Software for AOR AR-DV1

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Overview of options in the ARC DV1 PRO software for the AOR AR DV1 receiver

  • ARC DV1 PRO is the most versatile memory editor available on the market, including cut/copy/paste options!
  • ARC DV1 PRO includes a user-friendly 'browser' that makes navigating the software a breeze
  • ARC DV1 PRO is programming software and Virtual control
  • Now with Tetra support
  • Easy cut/copy/paste options
  • Radioreference.com* import option for conventional!
  • Print option
  • Paste Frequencies directly from any website using 'Paste Special'
  • Setup channels in an easy, spreadsheet type interface.
  • Store unlimited number of configurations.
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 compatible
  • All updates are free for registered users
  • Copy/Move/Swap banks
  • Move channels up and down
  • Import/Export CSV data
  • Fill down/series option
  • Full clipboard support for import/export data to/from other applications
  • Enhanced sorting options
  • Remove/Find duplicates with overview

Extra options in ARC DV1 PRO:

  • ARC DV1 PRO is the most enhanced virtual control for the AOR DV1
  • Access most receiver functions with a single mouse click.
  • Tune the receiver using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Fast tune the receiver using speed mouse control.
  • 'analog' style s-meter
  • Live Radioreference search option *
  • Realtime data logging with time and date stamp
  • 'no loss' PC Audio Recorder
  • Instant Replay
  • Log detected Digital modes
  • Log detected subtones including ctcss, dcs , P25 , CC and nxdn.
  • Not limited to SD card storage size for recording
  • Recordings are filed in folders per date and hour for easy playback
  • Log and resume for ultra fast logging
  • Log to CSV
  • GPS lookup tool
  • Quick tune to a new band using the built-in band function
  • Quick access to over 250 (!) preprogrammed search ranges using our famous search range extender
  • ARC DV1 PRO manual addendum
  • Tetra support

* Radioreference import requires additional subscription and is NOT included with the software

System requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • AOR AR DV1 receiver
  • USB PC cable

Software is supplied on an USB-Stick.


  • The decimal seperator must be set to '.' (decimal) and not a ',' (comma) else the software will round. This is because the scanner only workswith '.' (decimal) symbol.
  • If your computer is connected to the internet, you will receive a message if an update for this software is available. Downloading an update is free of charge.
  • Option * Help _ Check for Updates.* - Standard setting is ON. If you are connected to the internet you will have the opportunity to receive automatically updates as soon as a new version of your software is available.
  • Software is NOT compatible with AOR AR DV10

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