Voltage Reducer 24 VDC/12 VDC | 7-12 A

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This new generation of SDC-5200 series of voltage reducers offer regulated 13.8 V DC power from 20-30VDC source such as Land Rovers , commercial vehicles, recreation vehicles , farming equipment and other diesel power vehicles. The very compact , lightweight and no vent hole casing construction is possible because of the highly efficient , switch mode design with surface mount devices.


- Low heat output and low standby current take out the need for an external power on-off switch.
- The plastic clip-on mounting system makes the installation easy even in awkward to reach spot.
- The unit is tamper and dust proof because of no vent holes and no external fuse construction.
- The PCB component layout is designed and built for vibration loosening resistant, and with moisture proof coating making it ideal for off-road and harsh environments.
- The advanced switching mode circuit design results a cool, silent, no humming and no high frequency noise operation.
- Electronic safeguards and fail-safe feature such as OVP ensure good protection to expensive connected equipments even when there is a fault in the unit.
- The 13.8VDC output can be used as a source for float charge for 12V auxiliary battery.
- Typical applications for this new generation of DC-DC converters are:
- Radio communications, car entertainment such as DVD player, printers , on board computers, security system , GPS,
auxiliary lights , spot lights , charging of 12V auxiliary battery, and etc.

Specifications SDC 5208

Input voltage range : 18-38 VDC
Output voltage range : 13,8 VDC
Continuous output current : 7 A
Max. output current : 12 A
No load current : < 30 mA
Ripple & Noise : 10 mV
Efficiency : > 90%
Cooling system : natural convection
Max. operating temperature : 50 °C
Internal input fuse (glass type) : 10 A
Dimensions : B 96 x H 75 x D 32 mm
Weight : 230 g

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
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