MFJ 204B

Antenna Bridge

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MFJ 204B
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The MFJ 204B Antenna Bridge gives you a direct readout of your antenna’s SWR without the need for formulas or indirect readings.

Your MFJ-204B has many uses. It can be used to find the resonant frequency of your antenna, to find the SWR of your antenna at a particular frequency, and to find the frequency at which your antenna has the lowest SWR. You can also use the Antenna Bridge to adjust your antenna to a low SWR and to adjust an antenna tuner to match the transmitter to your transmission line. You can even find out if your antenna is resonant on more than one frequency.

The MFJ-204B can be used to adjust a tuner to match your antenna without the need for transmitting. The frequency coverage for the MFJ-204B is from below 1,4 MHZ to above 31 MHz in 5 user selectable bands. Determine the RF Resistance of your antenna from 10 to over 600 ohms.

Resistance bridge, null meter, tunable oscillator-driver (1,8 to 30 MHz). Now has AGC for constant readings.

Take it to your antenna site. Determine if your antenna is too long or too short, measure its resonant frequency, and its resistance to 500 ohms.It`s the easiest, most convenient way to determine antenna parameters.

Case : Metal
Power : Uses 9 V battery (not included)
Dimensions : H 19 x W 6,4 x D 5,8 cm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Weight  :  0,72 kg