MFJ 856

Directional Noise Finder

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MFJ 856
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The MFJ-856, directional noise finder, your mate to track down interference sources.

Choose the highly directional RFI finder MFJ-856, 3 element yagi incl. MFJ-852 meter for pin-point accuracy or the compact MFJ-852 with telescoping dipole for quick noise finds.

Operates in the 135 MHz region where activity is a minimum and radiation from corona and arcing is far more localized. 0.3 uV sensitivity and wide-range AGC for noise level meter .. over 70 dB!

Plug in your headphones and hear noise you are tracking or plug in a recorder. Use this ultra-sensitive pocket-sized RFI detector to track down and eliminate RFI caused by radiating cables and wires. It will tell exactly which cable is radiating RFI so you can eliminate it with a simple toroid or clamp-on filter.

Walk or drive around with this handheld, directional noise finder with 3 element beam and meter to search out foxes, leaky insulators, loose hardware and corroded ground lines quickly. Track the noise source right down to the pole, transformer, or insulator, or other source.

Find RFI generated by consumer devices, computers and office equipment. Eliminate the RFI source and hash, birdies, whistles and transient noises amazingly disappear.

Add the MFJ-1767, 3 element beam to your MFJ-852 and turn it into an RFI finder.

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Dimensions  :  L127 x B11 x H11 cm
Weight  :  1,40 kg