MFJ 462B

Multireader / Decoder

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MFJ 462B
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The MFJ 462B, Multireader effortlessly decodes RTTY, ASCII, CW and AMTOR (FEC) without the use of software and PC. The Multireader is suitable for the most common speeds and shifts. For CW, the Multireader has an AutoTrack function integrated to track and decode CW at different speeds.

Connect the multireader to the audio output of your receiver, select the mode and tune using the tuning indicator and the decoded texts appear on the 2-line display with 16 characters each and 8 kB memory.

Also suitable for practicing or improving your own Morse Code. Connect a key to the KEY input on the back and switch the SPEAKER SELECT to HANDKEY and monitor your own Morse Code.

Rear : Equipped with a parallel printer connection. Required (not included) cable is a standard RS 232 25-pin.
Power supply : MFJ-1312X adapter with 2.1 mm female plug (not included)
Dimensions : 159 x 635 x 159 mm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L35 x B26 x H13 cm
Weight  :  1,20 kg