MFJ 552

Handy Morse Code Interface

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MFJ 552
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Handy Morse Code/CW Interface plugs into your 144/440 MHz handheld and converts it into a modulated CW transceiver -- all you need to do is plug in your key. Get your ham buddies together on-the-air and enjoy some fantastic CW fun!

Run a little morse code practice on your repeater. Start your own FM CW net. Have fun and upgrade! A transmit/receive switch automatically switches your HT to transmit when you send CW and returns you to receive when you stop keying.

The MFJ-552 has a built-in speaker, volume control and great sounding true sinewave sidetone -- NO harsh keyclicks!
The MFJ-552 measures 4W x 1 1/4H x 3 3/4D inches.
The MFJ-522 uses one 9V battery (not included).

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