MFJ 442

Slimline Paddle/Keyer Combo

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MFJ 442
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Tired of sending Morse Code with a straight key? Its fun for a while. But making code sound good and easy-to-copy is tedious, Hard work!

By squeezing the paddle of this keyer/paddle combo, you can automatically generate perfect code with almost no effort.

Press the dot paddle before a dash completes, MFJ's SmartDotDash will finish the dash, make a space and then the dot!

Its so forgiving you can concentrate on enjoying your QSO -- not critical timing.

For beginners, type A keying makes sending code easy -- nothing is sent when the dot or dash being sent it completed. Type B keying makes it even easier to produce certain characters, such as a period or a letter C. Release the paddle while a dot or dash is being sent, the dot or dash completes and an opposite element is sent.

MFJ's weight control lets you lengthen or shorten dots and dashes. It compensates your transmitter for a proper 1:3 ratio.

Heres a more exciting use! Adjust your dot/dash lengths to sound distinctive. rare DX easily picks you out of a pile-up.

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Dimensions  :  L35 x B26 x H13 cm
Weight  :  1,80 kg