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ICOM SM-50 Desktop Microphones are unidirectional dynamic microphones designed for base station operation with select ICOM transceivers.

These microphones cannot be used with non-ICOM transceivers since their electret elements require power that is supplied from the connected transceiver.

SM-50 microphones feature Up-Down tuning on compatible ICOM transceivers. There is a switch for PTT, a PTT lock feature, and a low-cut switch that is available on the top of the base to cut out the low frequency components on input voice signals.

On the bottom of the microphone base there is a gain adjustment. SM-50 microphone cables terminate to a standard ICOM 8 pin microphone plug. ICOM SM-50 Desktop Microphones are the most complete ham station desktop microphone console you'll ever own!

Desktop microphone to be used with:

- Icom IC-7100 (with optional OPC-589)
- Icom IC-718
- Icom IC-7200
- Icom IC-7300
- Icom IC-7410
- Icom IC-7600
- Icom IC-7700
- Icom IC-7800
- Icom IC-7851
- Icom IC-9100
- Icom IC-9700

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