Heil Sound ProSet Elite iC

Ultimate, lightweight boom microphone/headset with iC electret element

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Heil Sound ProSet Elite iC
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For nearly two years Bob Heil and his design team have been working with serious amateur radio operators to bring the best headset containing the most amazing features. They designed the new Heil HC-6 that, by adjusting the DSP EQ of the modern transceivers, will produce beautiful, full range broadcast audio as well as narrow response contest/DX audio of the Heil HC-4, all from this one specially designed dynamic microphone element. The many 'voices' of the HC-6 are truly amazing.

The Pro Set Elite offers dual side, full ear muff with high rejection of outside noise, speaker phase reversal, rugged attached microphone boom, flexible to 6' coil cable and washable ear pad covers. The exclusive Heil Phase Reversal speaker switch is used to acoustically 'move' the signal from front to back. Reversing the phase creates a spatial widening of the sound field making it easier to 'see' a radio signal in a pileup as well as removing listening fatigue.

The two speakers are terminated in a stereo 1/8" male connector and comes with a stereo 1/4" adapter. The tip is the left speaker while the ring is the right speaker.

The Pro Set Elite-iC microphone contains the specially designed high performance electret condenser which was designed for low level microphone inputs used in many Icom transceivers. The - 3 dB points are set at 80 Hz and 12.5 kHz. The iC element requires +5 VDC phantom power to operate.

The heavy-duty microphone boom can be adjusted for proper placement which best performs with the microphone placed slightly below the lower lip. It is advisable to position the microphone parallel to the floor and talk across the element which reduces breath blasts. The supplied windscreen does noet change the frequency response, but only the breath blasts directly into the microphone.

There is a stainless steel band inside the padded top band. By bending that top band you can adjust the pressure on your ears to a comfortable level. The vinyl cushioned ear pads are field replaceable and the cotton covers can be easily removed for washing.

The AD-1iC adapter cable is included.

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Dimensions  :  L24 x B20 x H10 cm
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