MFJ 969

Antenna Tuner 1,8-50 MHz
300 W PEP | Roller Inductor + dummy load

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MFJ 969
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The MFJ-969 Antenna Tuner gives you MFJs superb AirCore Roller Inductor and full 6 meteres through 160 Meter coverage! Match dipoles, verticals, inverted vees, random wires, beams, mobile whips, SWL receiving antennas -- nearly any antenna. You can use coax cable, random wire or balanced lines. Has heavy duty 4:1 balun.

The MFJ-969 Antenna Tuners AirCore Roller Inductor, gear driven turns counter and spinner knob gives you exact inductance control for absolute minimum SWR. MFJs exclusive Self-Resonance Killer Keeps potentially damaging self-resonances away from your frequency.

The 8 positions antenna switch lets you select two coax fed antennas, random wire/balanced line or built-in dummy load for use through your MFJ-969 or direct to your rig.

MFJs lighted Cross Needle SWR/Wattmeter reads SWR, true peak forwards and average reflected power simultaneously on 300 Wat or 30 Watt ranges.The new ActivePeak reading Circuit accurately reads true peak forward power.

Lamp has on/off switch and uses 12VDC. Active Peak Reading Circuit can also use a 9 volt battery.


Frequency range : 1,8 - 54 MHz
Antennas : 2 coax lines, random wire/balanced line
Bypass : Yes
Dummyload : Yes, built-in non-inductive 50 Ohm dummy load 300 Watt PEP
Balun : Yes, Current balun 1:4
Meter : Cross-Needle meter; SWR, true active forward and reflected power in 300/60 and 30/6 Watt ranges
Power : max. 300 W PEP
Supply voltage : 12 VDC (power cord included) or 9V battery
Dimensions : W 241 x D 266 x H 89 mm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Weight  :  3,00 kg