HF tuner met AirCore
verzilverde messing bandrolspoel

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The Ameritron ATR-30 handels well 1500 Watts continuous carrier output even on 160 Meters.

A gear driven turns counter and crank drive the edge wound super high current air core roller inductor. It can carry huge circulating RF currents and withstand tremendous heat.

Two 500 pf variable air caps with 6:1 vernier reduction drives makes tuning smooth and easy and give no-arc wide range impedance matching for high power performance.

A heavy duty three core choke balun lets you match virtually any balancedd antenna without core saturation.

Ameritron active electronic true peak reading meter accurately reads forward-. reflected power and SWR simultaneously on a lighted Cross-Needle Meter.


Frequency Range : 1,8 - 30 MHz
Cross Needle Meter : dual rotary coil meter for true peak reading forward-, refleted power and SWR
Antennas : geschikt voor open lijn, langdraad en 2 x coaxgevoede antenne
Bypass : yes
Dummyload : No; 1 x SO 239 at the back for external dummyload
Balun : 3 core heavy duty current balun
Max. power : 1500 W continuously
Afmetingen : B 437 x D 350 x H 140 mm

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L58 x B52 x H40 cm
Weight  :  8,60 kg