HF amplifier
Taylor 3-500ZG
Output 1 kW PEP

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The Ameritron AL-80B kilowatt output desktop linear amplifier can double your average SSB power output with high-level RF processing. You get cooler operation because the AL-80B's exclusive Instantaneous RF Bias completely turns off the classic 3-500 tube between words. It saves hundreds of watts wasted as heat.

The T/R (transmission/receive) relay in the AL-80B switches nearly as fast as some vacuum relay QSK T/R switches.


- Mains Voltage 220, 230 en 240 VAC with Step Start Inrush Protection
- Pi-Network tuned input for each Band
- Dynamic and front panel ALC control can more than double average SSB power
- Pressurized ventilation of tube compartment
- Class AB2 operation and instantaneous RF Bias for cooler operation
- Dual lighted cross-needle instruments for grid/plate current, forward/reflected power, SWR and ALC
- High Voltage 3000 V (unloaded) / 2700 V (loaded)
- SO 239 Sockets for RF in and RF out
- RCA sockets for PTT, ALC and 12 VDC (100 mA)

Technical Specifications

Power Output : 1 kW PEP/850 W CW | Reduced Power Output on 10/12 m.
Power Input : 85-100 W
Bands : 10-160 m., incl. WARC
Tube : 1 x 3-500ZG (with graphite anode)
Dimensions : W 381 x D 356 x H 216 cm
Weight : 21,8 kg

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L59 x B55 x H41 cm
Weight  :  24,80 kg