HF/50 MHz solid state FET amplifier
incl. 50 Volt switching power supply
Output 600 W | 240 VAC

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The Ameritron ALS-606SX is a compact 600 Watt nominal PEP output amplifier. It uses an external power supply system.

This amplifier covers 160-6 meters (no modification required). Nominal drive power is 75 Watts or less.

The ALS-606SX interfaces work with most modern amateur radio transceivers. Supported band data input includes ICOM compatible analog voltage, Elecraft and Yaesu BCD band data, and Kenwood serial data. With proper interface cables and data, this amplifier will automatically change bands in step with transceiver band changes. Automatic band selection using a band data port or band decoded bus requires purchasing an Ameritron interface cable for your radio.

The Ameritron ALS-606S is a 600 Watt nominal output, 160 through 6 meter amateur radio band, solid-state amplifier. The ALS-606S uses four 50-volt linear RF MOSFETS. These MOSFET’s are specifically designed for linear power amplifier applications, rather than non-linear or pulse service. They provide lower SSB distortion when compared to nonlinear application solid-state devices in SSB service. Fan speed is regulated by temperature sensors; assuring conservative cooling with minimal noise.

Nominal driving power is 75 Watts for 600 Watts output (approximately 9 dB gain) on most bands. The compact 9-1/2” wide by 7” high amplifier package (depth only 14”) fits nearly any station configuration. This attractive desktop amplifier unit weighs approximately 15 pounds. An external 50-volt 25-ampere CCS power supply powers the ALS-606S. The ALS-600SPS switching regulated supply is included with the ALS-606S. This power supply operates on all standard residential power line voltages.

Bandpass Filters:

- 1.8- 2.1 MHz
- 3.2 - 4.2 MHz
- 6.0 - 7,5 MHz
- 7.5 - 14.5 MHz
- 14.5 - 22.0 MHz
- 22.0 - 30.0 MHz
- 50.0 - 54.0 MHz

Dimensions and weight are including packaging
Dimensions  :  L82 x B54 x H41 cm
Weight  :  13,00 kg