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New: INAC MAK-721PRO Magnetic Loop Antenna in suitcase

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7.000 different items. Almost all products advertised are available from stock. Detailed descriptions, pictures, brochures, manuals, sound samples and videos will help you to make an easy selection, which enables you to quickly, easily and securely place and pay your order. Daily shipping throughout Europe.

Also our spacious showroom with an area of approximately 150 m2 in Roermond (NL) is definitely worthwhile to step inside! A large number of products from our extensive range, including transceivers from various brands, are put on display live and can be tested on outdoor antennas. Our euregional location is easily accessible from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and has ample free parking. Open from Monday till Friday and Saturday afternoon.

ClassicInternational. ... an enthousiastic team, that is already over 33 years serving you the best way possible and is ready for any future inquiries! !

New products!

Magnetic Loop Antenna 7-21 MHz

From € 389,00 (excl. VAT € 321,49) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs
Loudspeaker IC-7610

€ 259,00 (excl. VAT € 214,05) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs
Wide Range Software Defined Receiver
0,01-3000 MHz

€ 2.639,00 (excl. VAT € 2.180,99) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs
6 W HF/6 m/2 m/70 cm All-Mode Portable QRP Transceiver

€ 659,00 (excl. VAT € 544,63) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs
Magnetic Loop Antenna 7,0-21,5 MHz in suitcase

€ 439,00 (excl. VAT € 362,81) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs
VHF/UHF mobile radio with Touch Screen, D-Star, GPS, Bluetooth, Android

€ 585,00 (excl. VAT € 483,47) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs
HF mobile resonator
60 m. band | Narrow band

€ 39,00 (excl. VAT € 32,23) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs
ICOM-7300 HF/50 MHz/70 MHz
All-mode SDR transceiver

Live in our showroom!

€ 1.295,00 (excl. VAT € 1.070,25) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs
Paddle | Black base with brass components

€ 155,00 (excl. VAT € 128,10) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs
HF/50 MHz All-Mode Dual SDR Base Transceiver

€ 3.795,00 (excl. VAT € 3.136,36) per 1 Pc. excl. shipping costs